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March 11 2011


New Version 1.0 Software Release!

After months of testing and years of development, the new Version 1.0 Software for the WebTotality Product Suite is available online!  Since we aim to please, users can use the free online demo or download a free trial version to try it all out without needing any other software or programs.  Just install and go!

Totality PS (Print and Scan) Server

Through the Totality PS Server you can securely connects printers, scanners and web applications. Your desktop PCs and mobile devices can both have the reliability and quality of PDF printing & scanning without installing any special software. It’s the only solution that provides both advanced print and scan functionality and works with all standard web application technologies.

Java and .NET web applications can now have the reliability and quality of PDF printing & scanning with control of settings such as paper tray selection and # of copies. Scan paper documents to small, secure PDF or DOCX (Microsoft Word) files.

Totality Enterprise Server

With the Totality Enterprise Server, you can bring all your content to the web: PDF, Microsoft Word, paper, high resolution images, and more.  Java and .NET applications can now create, view, edit, print, scan and collaborate using content that already exists in your organization. Even better, this new functionality integrates with the standard HTML content and functionality currently used by your web applications.

Mash up different content types to create custom views. Customize Microsoft Word content on-the-fly with data provided by your web app. Create new content and save to Word, PDF and HTML. Scan paper documents to small, high quality PDF. Combine with the GraphOn GO-Global Server to add collaborative view and edit capabilities as part of your workflows.

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